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Moving Planner

The Comparis Moving Planner helps you remember all registration deadlines and important due dates. Simply enter your move date and register or log in to set up your personal planner and receive deadline reminders by e-mail. In the planner, you can directly tick off tasks you have already taken care of, such as registering with the municipal authority. You can find more details on customs regulations, house-hunting, health insurance etc. in the tips & information section.


Are you already living in Switzerland?

If you have any further questions, check out our tips & information section. It offers plenty of information on topics such as taxes, benefits from the employer or exchanging your driving licence.

How to register with your new municipal authority

Have you come with the intention to stay? If so, you need to inform your local municipal authority. You must therefore register yourself and your entire family with the responsible residents' registration office shortly after moving to Switzerland.


Moving your personal belongings to Switzerland

You have packed everything up and want to move to Switzerland with your belongings? When entering Switzerland, remember to declare the household goods and, where applicable, pets that you bring with you to customs. Make sure to note the opening times.


From importation to Swiss number plate

If you want to take your vehicle with you when you move to Switzerland, you first have to declare it for customs clearance. After that, you usually have one year to register it in Switzerland. In addition, your car must be presented for technical inspection before it can be registered.


How to avoid excessive health care costs

What does the basic insurance cover? When do I need supplemental insurance? What is a deductible? Are you still confused when it comes to health insurance in Switzerland? Below you can find the most important information, explained in a comprehensible way.


Knowing local customs and avoiding pitfalls

Been wondering why Swiss people kiss so often when they meet? Do you know what to expect when friends invite you to an Ap鲯? Find out more about local customs in our list of Dos and Don㮼/p>